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Posted Oct 24, 2018

EnergySolutions is an international nuclear services company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of their US divisions is based in Barnwell, SC. The Barnwell Complex operations provides integrated services and solutions to the nuclear industry and has state-of-the-art facilities to safely process and dispose of nuclear material; the fabrication of high integrity containers, fabrication of water processing fuel pool equipment, cask maintenance and is one of the largest nuclear transporters in the world of nuclear material. As with all EnergySolutions facilities, safety is a culture embraced by every Barnwell facility employee and the safety and compliance record is one of the best in the business.

Job Location:
Barnwell, SC
County: Barnwell

Job Description:

Manages the daily operations of the on-site laboratory(ies). Ensures all activities are in compliance with applicable regulations. Provides radioanalytical services and technical support to site operations and other radiological monitoring projects as required. • Performs a variety of laboratory-based tasks aimed at helping customers improve their ability to solve their problems, lower their costs, reduce their liabilities and increase their efficiencies. Performance of these tasks also helps ensure continued company financial health. • Manages a variety of tests and analytical procedures and ensures the validity and accuracy of test results. • Manages the operation of the site laboratory(ies) and ensures all laboratory processes are performed safely and in a compliant manner at all times. • Ensures all laboratory processes are kept current with quality assurance and quality control requirements in accordance with site licenses and permits. • Ensures all laboratory documentation is transmitted to Document Control for retention purposes in a timely manner. • Manages radioanalytical laboratory operations in support of internal (EnergySolutions) and external customer monitoring projects. • Ensures routine sample analyses and environmental sample collection activities have the support required to meet project schedules. • Develops and implements procedures for sampling, counting and analyses of radiological sampling functions. • Ensures analytical support is provided to the Health Physics team. • Oversees sample control and gamma spectroscopy activities. • Reviews analytical data from off-site deferred chemical analyses. • Ensures all data input in the laboratory database system is complete and accurate. • Manages staff selection, development and retention. Establishes and monitors work goals and objectives. Evaluates employees through performance reviews, ongoing coaching and feedback methods. • Provides direction and guidance to laboratory staff on all laboratory-related matters. • Prepares and administers budget according to plan. Monitors budget variances. Provides explanations on variances and takes appropriate action. • Follows organizational policies and procedures and ensures staff is in compliance. • Ensures that the facility analytical laboratories are designed in a manner providing adequate capacity to analyze samples that monitor plant operations and qualify facility feed and product as compliant with the respective waste acceptance criteria. Ensures that hazard controls are incorporated into the laboratory design as required by location. • Interfaces with procurement in coordination with vendors/subcontractors, and assists in bid analysis, supplier availability and capability as required by location. • Provides required laboratory support for test programs as required by location. • Ensures that laboratory resources are adequate to provide accurate and defensible data in support of facility Operations. Bachelor's degree required in chemistry or a related field or a minimum of 4 years of experience in a radiological chemistry laboratory

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