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South Carolina has the workforce entrusted to build the automobiles, airplanes, and advanced materials demanded by today’s market. As a state whose economy is built on manufacturing, South Carolina has taken extraordinary measures to ensure that we can provide a skilled workforce ready for the specific requirements of your company. Our renowned workforce training program and technical college system are second to none, and the state is one of four in the nation to certify our workforce through the nationally recognized WorkKeys® testing and certification program.

Beaufort County boasts 3 military installations including the Marine Corps Air Station, with the addition of F-35 operations and training facilities. Because of the military bases located in the county, your company will benefit from the steady flow of trained and experienced transitioning military personnel and spouses readily available in the region.

In addition, the area is served by:

  • The University of South Carolina - Beaufort (USCB)

  • Collaborative Pipeline Programs linking K-12, Technical College of the Lowcountry and the University of South Carolina - Beaufort

  • Technical College of the Lowcountry

  • Early college and career programs

For more information on the available workforce in Beaufort County and surrounding areas, click here. 

Workforce & Population by 30, 45 and 60 Minute Drive Times

 Beaufort County 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
296,456 1,013,737 1,167,510
Workforce 114,929 478,372 550,920









Meet our Local Industries:


Company Name

Product / Service



Lockheed Martin Global Aerospace, Defense, and Security Beaufort   100-150
BFG Hilton Head Marketing Consulting Services Beaufort   120
Spartina 449 Accessories, Clothing, Lifestyle Brand Beaufort   94
Beaufort Gazette Newspaper Publisher Beaufort   82
Glass WRX SC Recycled Glass Products Beaufort   63
Ackmann & Dickenson Application Development and Digital Marketing Beaufort   11-50
Adger Solar Solar Electric Power Generation Beaufort   11-50
Alpha Genesis Inc Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Beaufort   11-50
American Air & Water, Inc. Warm Air Heating & Air Conditioning Beaufort   11-50
AS/R Systems Inc Rebuilt and Customized Carousels Beaufort   11-50
Beachside Tire & Auto Repair Auto Repair Services Beaufort   11-50
Bear Steele Global Architectural Services Beaufort   11-50
Burnt Church Distillery Distillery Beaufort   50
Coastal Concrete Southeast, LLC Non-Metallic Minerals, Construction Beaufort   11-50
Creative Cabinets of The Low Country Wood & Paper Products Beaufort   11-50
Dust Solutions Machinery Beaufort   11-50
eviCore Healthcare Healthcare Management Beaufort   11-50
Ferguson Enterprises Metal Products, Plastics, and Rubber Beaufort   11-50
Fibergard Chemical Corp Chemicals, Textiles Beaufort   11-50
Flint Group Pigments Chemicals,Wood & Paper Products Beaufort   11-50
Gaddis Inc Metal Products Beaufort   11-50
Geismar North America Railroad Equipment Supplier Beaufort   30-50
Greenline Industries Inc Wood & Paper Products, Construction Beaufort   11-50
Harris Pillow Supply Textiles, Machinery,Consumer Products Beaufort   11-50
L3 Harris Technologies Aerospace & Aviation,Medical,Electronics and Computers Beaufort   11-50
SmartScan Technologies Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Systems Beaufort   11-50
Salt Marsh Brewing Company Craft Brewery Beaufort   43
Stoneworks Granite, Marble, and Tile Floor and Counter Coverings Beaufort   10-25
Advanced Kitchen Designs Inc Agribusiness, Wood & Paper Products Beaufort   11-20
Global Infection Control Consultant Environmental Consulting Services Beaufort   20
Blue Sky Processing LLC Hemp Processing Beaufort   16
Athena Corp Composites & Advanced Materials,Non-Metallic Minerals Beaufort   1-10
B&T Auto Machine Inc Automotive, Metal Products Beaufort   1-10
Blasch Precision Ceramics Composites & Advanced Materials,Non-Metallic Minerals Beaufort   1-10
Cera Products, Inc Food Processing, Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Environmental Graphics Wood & Paper Products,Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Gourmet Warehouse Barbecue Sauce, Spices, and Rubs Beaufort   5-10
Kazoobie Kazoos LLC Plastics and Rubber, Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Litchfield Cabinetry & Trim, Inc Wood & Paper Products,Construction,Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
MAPtech Packaging Food Processing, Machinery Beaufort   1-10
Megawatt Lasers, Inc Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Electronics and Computers Beaufort   1-10
Seabrook Classics Inc Wood & Paper Products,Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Store Support Group Metal Products, Wood & Paper Products, Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Vetronix Research Corp Electronics and Computers Beaufort   1-10
Woodshop Inc Wood & Paper Products,Consumer Products Beaufort   1-10
Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance Information Technology Beaufort   8
Blasch Ceramics Global Specialty Products Division Composites and Advanced Materials Beaufort   5
B&T Auto Machine Inc Machine Shops Beaufort   4
APPementary Computer Training Beaufort   2
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