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Nov 16, 2018  |  Evanesce: Making fast food packages disappear  (more)

Oct 3, 2018  |  Evanesce Packaging Solutions to Create 368 Jobs in Colleton County
Evanesce Packaging Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company will locate its first large scale production facility in Walterboro, South Carolina, to manufacture compostable food service trays. The facility represents a $70 million investment and is expected to create 368 direct jobs over the next five years. (more)

May 23, 2018  |  Carolina Composites to Expand Pioneer Boat Manufacturing in Colleton County
Carolina Composites, the manufacturer of Pioneer Boats, has announced that the company will expand its operations at their facility in Walterboro, South Carolina, investing $3 million and creating 92 jobs over the next 5 years. (more)

Apr 25, 2018  |  Lowcountry Aviation Company Launching Colleton County Operations
Lowcountry Aviation Company, a fully-integrated aviation service provider is launching new operations in Colleton County. The company‚Äôs $1.7 million investment is projected to create 36 new jobs. (more)

Feb 1, 2018  |  Innovative Home Manufacturer Locates in Walterboro
Jenshau LLC, a manufacturer of mini-modular homes located in Walterboro, South Carolina, held their grand opening in the first quarter… (more)

Jul 21, 2016  |  J&L Wire Expands to Colleton County
J&L Wire, headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., has announced the establishment of its first South Carolina operations. The company is… (more)

Jul 21, 2016  |  JGBR establishing operations in Colleton County
COLUMBIA, S.C. – JGBR, a manufacturing company headquartered in Rugao, China, has announced the establishment of its South Carolina operations. The company… (more)

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