East Argent Community means major growth for the City of Hardeeville

New planned development expects to break ground in 2018

November 22, 2017


The City of Hardeeville announced plans today for a 7,351-acre community, conveniently located between U.S. 278 and Hwy 170, in one of the most actively growing corridors of the Lowcountry which will consist of 9,500 residential units and 1,500,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space.

The Planned Development District represents the largest PDD in the City of Hardeeville’s history, which was originally zoned in 2005 and later amended in 2007. The East Argent PDD includes the already established, Hampton Pointe, as well as other planned communities. Argent Land Holdings, LLC, an Atlanta based development company, acquired the residual East Argent property with assumption of development rights in late 2016. The development has been originally approved for 12,574 residential units in addition to 1,392 acres of potential commercial development, anticipating commercial and institutional space combined, more than 1.5 million square feet. This project will increase the population of Hardeeville, which is presently 5,800, to well over 25,000 residents upon build-out.

According to Mayor Harry Williams “The new Jasper Ocean Terminal will bring over 1 million new jobs to this region by 2040 and this new multi-faceted development is strategically planned to
accommodate the workforce housing needs of the future. We applaud Argent Land Holdings for collaborating with the City to make this long-range vision a reality.”

Michael J. Czymbor, Hardeeville City Manager, indicated “The City cooperatively worked with Argent Land Holdings to ensure that all the needed infrastructure, roads, and recreational amenities will be paid for by the development and not the existing taxpayers of the City. The proposed development will offer a variety of housing options to attract new residents to the community as well as a wide variety of quality commercial retail to serve the residents of the low country”.

The new community expects to offer a residential product price range from $250,000 to $750,000, with a variety of residential as well as multi-family product offerings and price-points. These residential offerings will include, but are not limited to, workforce housing, age-preferenced and custom home products provided through exclusive builder neighborhoods and multi-builder program communities. There will be a wide range of amenities and conveniences offered, to include both master plan amenities as well as individual neighborhood recreational amenities. The developer will donate significant acreage to the City of Hardeeville for active park site, police and fire stations, and schools. Active and passive City Parks will include a combined area of over 250 acres with utilization of Conservation Easement property for passive park and trails. The community will offer residents a large water recreation amenity to include boating and fishing, in addition to other attractive water sports. Development activity is expected to begin in 2018, with the first completed homesites anticipated in early 2019.

This development project will include the completion of Central Loop Road, connecting Hwy 141 through East Argent to Hwy 170, as well as other regional road improvements.

The East Argent project will generate over $100 million in development fees which will be used for project and regional infrastructure, police and fire facilities, parks and recreation, schools and other discretionary uses identified by the City of Hardeeville. In addition to the substantial development fees, it is anticipated that long-term growth will include an increased tax base of more than $ 3 billion dollars.

For more information about East Argent, please contact Argent Land Holdings, LLC , 1022 Berkeley Hall Blvd, Okatie, SC 29909 or email Jeff Coggin (jcoggin@preservecommunities.com)