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In Southern Carolina, leading global industry and local communities flourish together in an unrivaled business climate offering speed to market, higher profitability and world-class performance.

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Our highly skilled, motivated workforce offers strategic concentrations of specialized experience, paired with globally recognized custom training:

  • readySCTM
    South Carolina’s renowned training program
  • Apprenticeship CarolinaTM
  • Powerful technical colleges network


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SCA boosts profitability with some of the nation’s best incentives along with some of the nation’s lowest costs in a right-to-work state.

up to
Tax credit per job for qualified project
Lowest Unionization Rate in the Country In a Right-to-Work State
Cost of living compared to 100 national average


  • A strategic location halfway between New York and Miami
  • Reach 2/3 of the U.S. market within a one-day drive
  • Global connections via the major ports of Savannah and Charleston, CSX rail and I-95, along with easy access to regional and international air


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We Build the Future

Aerospace & Defense Advanced Composites Chemicals Distribution Food Processing Forest Products Life Sciences Metal Fabrication Automotive Alternative Energies
AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE: Reap the benefits of specialized skill and other cluster assets without the high costs, just 1 hour from the Boeing facility in Charleston and within 25 minutes of Gulfstream in Savannah.
ADVANCED COMPOSITES: Constructing the advanced materials needed to produce today’s complex products requires the right talent, infrastructure, and access to relevant innovation.
CHEMICALS: In Southern Carolina, chemical operations are welcomed in business-friendly communities where an innovative manufacturing culture supports success with lower costs of operation, a motivated workforce, and a fast-moving transportation network that includes global ports.
DISTRIBUTION: Southern Carolina delivers for distribution: Lower costs and a rapidly growing population, plus faster speed to market thanks to a strategic location halfway between Miami and New York, served by a powerfully integrated logistical network.
FOOD PROCESSING: Abundant crops, low-cost utilities, a cost-effective distribution network and an affordable workforce dedicated to your success.
FOREST PRODUCTS: Our comprehensive supply chain advantages are key to the sector’s impressive growth—from abundant timber to experienced, affordable workforce to rapid domestic and global transportation.
LIFE SCIENCES: Heathier profits accrue through strategic access to life sciences assets combined with the utmost affordability.
METAL FABRICATION: As South Carolina’s booming activity across manufacturing sectors creates robust market demand for metal fabrication, companies are making the most of the opportunity in Southern Carolina.
AUTOMOTIVE: Automotive manufacturing has become a powerful engine of growth for South Carolina. And in the Southern Carolina region, manufacturers enjoy critical market access combined with lower costs, a highly skilled workforce and certified industrial sites, including megasites.
ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES: Southern Carolina is building a more sustainable world, leveraging resources and innovative research to brighten the future.


In this region, manufacturing knowledge is deep and so is appreciation for the quality of life that manufacturing provides. We live and thrive together in the SCA region.

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