Industry Spotlight


Swiss Krono LLC, a division of Swiss Krono Group, began distribution in the United States in 2000 and later opened its current manufacturing facility at the S.C. Advanced Technology Park in Barnwell, S.C., in 2005, creating 140 jobs.  Due to the growing popularity of Swiss Krono flooring, the company invested in expanding the facility in 2011 and again in 2014, making it the largest producer of laminate flooring in America.  The highly efficient facility in Barnwell is ideal for both accessing wood from sustainable-forest suppliers and shipping.  Swiss Krono's management, marketing, design, sales and customer service are also based at the site.

In August 2014, Swiss Krono launched a new brand called American Concepts in response to consumers’ desire for flooring that has American

Le Creuset, which translates to “the crucible” in French, began creating cast iron cookware in 1925 in northern France, where the cast iron is still produced in the same foundry, with individual sand molds and hand inspections for each and every piece.

Today, the company operates their North and South American distribution headquarters at an industrial park located at Exit 38 off I-95 in Hampton County,  South Carolina.  The company first established its distribution center there in 1997 for its access to the interstate and for its proximity to the Ports of Charleston and Savannah.  Since then, Le Creuset has expanded its operation three times (in 2005, 2011, and 2012) at the same location.  Today, the distribution site also serves their growing e-commerce business.

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