Barnwell PV 1, LLC establishing operations in Barnwell County

July 21, 2021

For Immediate Release

July 22, 2021

Barnwell PV 1, LLC establishing operations in Barnwell County

Company is investing $75 million into solar project

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Barnwell PV 1, LLC, a solar solutions company, today announced plans to establish operations in Barnwell County. The company is investing $75 million into the project.

“We look forward to developing the 60 MW solar farm in Barnwell County for renewable energy production, and we appreciate the support of Barnwell County, SouthernCarolina Alliance and the S.C. Department of Commerce in making this project a reality,” said Barnwell PV1 Director John Gorman.  “Our $75 million investment in this community will not only produce clean electricity to power homes, it is also part of the global movement toward more efficient sources of power.”

“Barnwell PV 1, LLC’s investment will expand and diversify our rapidly growing renewable energy portfolio, creating a brighter and cleaner future for all South Carolinians,” said Governor Henry McMaster.

SC Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey II, said, “Today, we celebrate the announcement that Barnwell PV 1, LLC is investing $75 million into a new solar farm in Barnwell County. This investment will not only provide a boost to South Carolina, but more importantly, it is an investment that will improve sustainability.”

Founded in 2010, Barnwell PV 1, LLC is a leading developer of renewable energy generation facilities. The company develops, constructs, owns and operates renewable energy projects at utility scale in six countries.

“Barnwell County has a long history of embracing alternative energy and innovation, and we welcome Barnwell PV 1, LLC to our community. We appreciate their investment and will work with the company to make their operation successful,” said Barnwell County Council Chairman Harold Buckmon.

“The SouthernCarolina Alliance region is home to many innovative companies utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and we welcome Barnwell PV 1, LLC to our industrial community,” added SouthernCarolina Alliance Chairman Marty Sauls.  “Congratulations to Barnwell County!”

“The $75 million investment in Barnwell County by Barnwell PV 1 is a great development for our county, and we will strive to continue providing a business friendly environment to attract producers of reliable, clean energy,” remarked Will Kearse, Chairman of Barnwell County Economic Development Commission, in welcoming the company.

Located on Patterson Mill Road in Snelling, the company’s new facility is expected to be operational by June 2023.