Gramling Brothers to Develop Massive Riverport Property on Savannah River in Jasper County

March 12, 2020

Gramling Brothers to Develop Massive Riverport Property Along I-95 on Savannah River in Jasper County

Stratford Land is pleased to announce that Gramling Brothers Real Estate & Development will develop Riverport Park, a tract of over 2,500 acres along the Savannah River, bisected by I-95 in Jasper County.

“We view Riverport as one of the great mixed-use development opportunities in South Carolina. Jasper County and the City of Hardeeville are the front gate of the Lowcountry -- and the commercial and residential development opportunities in this important region are endless,” said Ben Gramling, President of Gramling Brothers, a South Carolina company.

Due to expanding Savannah port activity, this region is experiencing a near zero vacancy rate and is enjoying record levels of rapid growth and expansion resulting in a shortage of industrial space. The outlook for regional growth and development could not be stronger. The Riverport Park is less than 10 miles from the Savannah port. On the South Carolina side of the Savannah River, Jasper County is in a perfect spot to add additional logistic supply chain infrastructure. And it’s already begun in the Riverport Development on Highway 17 with North Signal readying to break ground on 500 acres.

Michael Czymbor, Hardeeville City Manager, said “While the buildout of Riverport and surrounding developments will have a dramatic economic effect on our region, it will also stress existing interchanges (Exit 5 & 8). The City and County have applied for financial assistance from the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank to assist in the construction of a new gateway interchange, Exit 3, which will provide safe new infrastructure to support intermodal activity, moving freight and eliminating bottleneck conditions. Approximately two-thirds of the cost of the interchange and associated cross roadway will be paid for with local funds and landowner contributions.”

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said “In the last decade, Jasper County has seen explosive growth from new residents. The County’s rural infrastructure system has become outdated and inadequate to keep up with the needs brought on by increases in traffic volume. By not addressing these infrastructure needs, our economic development and job creation efforts may be placed at a disadvantage, one that may be very difficult to overcome. I’m glad to see such a well-respected South Carolina company is gearing up for the challenge!”

Jasper County School District Superintendent, Dr. Rechel Anderson said "We are excited about this project, the new developments, the new jobs and increased tax revenues that will have a long-term benefit for the young people of Jasper County!"

“It’s begun, and we are ready and couldn’t be more excited. It’s a game changer for an economically depressed area of the state overlooked for years. We appreciate Governor McMaster supporting needed infrastructure improvements and investment,” says Danny Black, President and CEO, Southern Carolina Alliance.

The Exit 3 Interchange project is recognized as a “priority project” within the SCDOT’s regional transportation plan.

For additional information, contact Robert Unell at 1-404-602-5012.