HOS Boatworks Locates Manufacturing Facility in Walterboro

October 11, 2021


HOS Boatworks (DBA Cast and Blast Boats) will invest $250,000 in their operations, creating 15 new jobs over the next five years at their boat manufacturing facility in Walterboro, South Carolina.

“Walterboro is a great location for manufacturing our fiberglass HOS Boats, and we are pleased that we can grow our company and better serve our customer base here in Colleton County,” said Brooks Oswald, President of HOS Boatworks and Cast and Blast Boats.  “We would like to thank the Colleton County team, SCA and the SC Department of Commerce for creating a business-friendly environment in which to grow our business.”

“We are extremely excited that HOS Boat works has decided to locate within Colleton County. We look forward to working with management and we hope it will be a long relationship. This type of investment reaffirms that small business is truly the backbone to building a better economy. We are proud to have this fine company expanding in our community, and we appreciate the jobs that they are creating right here in Walterboro,” said Colleton County Council Chairman Steve Murdaugh.

“Thank you to HOS Boatworks for choosing Colleton County. This is a great endorsement by Brooks and Rosa Oswald of the talented workforce that we have in Colleton County,” said Lee Petrolawicz, Chairman of the Colleton County Economic Alliance.  “A ‘jobs win’ for our neighbors, friends and family members!” 

“SouthernCarolina Alliance welcomes HOS Boatworks’ investment in Colleton County,” said SouthernCarolina Alliance Chairman Marty Sauls.  “Outdoorsmen are familiar with this stellar brand, and we are so pleased to have this company manufacturing and growing their operations in our region.  What a great company and a great product!”

Located just off Mt. Carmel Road and I-95, HOS Boatworks has already begun production in Walterboro.  For more information, call the company office at: 843-795-0105. 

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HOS Boats was founded by Brooks and Rosa Oswald. Brooks has more than 25 years of experience in the marine industry. Through his expertise, he has been able to bring the operations of 2 other businesses to profitability within their first years of operations.

Statement from the Oswald Family:

We are excited to be opening and developing a new fiberglass boat manufacturer in Walterboro, South Carolina. HOS Boats, LLC will manufacture fiberglass boats with sales reaching customers in its targeted market.

Over the last 3 years we have invested and completed the first model, which is ready to be sold. This model is the 24’ fiberglass boat. There will be 2 more models to follow that are currently in the beginning phase of development and later 2 larger models. The models that are in the developmental phase now are  20’ and 33’ fiberglass boats.

We opened 2 other marine related businesses in Charleston, S.C. which have been very successful. Our first company Oswald Props and Tops, LLC was established over 20 years ago and is a marine aluminum fabrication and propeller business. Oswald Props and Tops has been very successful and has grown over time as the industry has evolved.  Then in 2011 we began to build aluminum boats, which soon became officially established as Cast and Blast Boats, LLC in December of 2013. This was a new exciting opportunity for us and the boats are one of a kind.

South Carolina is a large boating community with many boat manufacturers. Our boats appeal to inshore and offshore fishing along with being a family boat.

The Cast and Blast Boats 17’ model is such a success, we developed a 22’ model which became very popular.  Cast and Blast Boats took off quickly selling across the entire Southeast from Louisiana all over Florida up through North Carolina.

With the success of both companies, Brooks started to build a fiberglass boat. He started in the Fall of 2018 building a wooden boat mold. It took 2 years of researching and developing to form a demo boat. With the assistance of a marine naval architect, Brooks was able to put his vision of the perfect bay boat into form. With Oswald Props and Tops and Cast and Blast Boats both being in the marine fabrication business, have provided HOS Boats with its initial investment for the last 3 years involving all of the research and development. 

After the wooden mold was built and the demo was perfected, a fiberglass mold and plug were completed. Since it is a fiberglass boat with a different purpose than aluminum boats, it needed a new name. We decided to start the new boat business using our son's initials and call it HOS.

Over the last 3 years we have invested over $300,000 into getting the boat mold and plug completed along with producing the demo boat.  Taking the demo boat for 6 months in the water, in all types of weather, Brooks knew he had built the perfect boat.

The boat is built for durability and speed. In addition to durability and speed, the boat is more specifically built to maneuver through the water in any weather condition. What makes this an exceptional boat is its design as the hull is grooved on each side for stability, speed and cutting through the water. 

With the connections and network already developed we have dealers and direct customers waiting to place deposits on the new HOS Boat.  HOS Boats will be a leader in the marine industry reaching out to dealers throughout the Southeast. The first boat has been made and sold to a dealer in Jacksonville, Florida and we are now ready to mass produce. 

HOS Boats mission is to develop, enhance, and promote fiberglass boats, models 24’ and to follow 20’ and 33’ models . HOS Boats will provide customers with an exceptionally built boat, where we have thought out every last detail and invested the time into producing a one of a kind versatile boat with uncompromising service and support for our customers boating needs.

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