Mayzo Inc. Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

October 21, 2021


This year Mayzo Inc. has celebrated its 35th anniversary and ensured its enduring success by appointing a new President to lead the company into the future.

Founded early in the era of economic globalization, Mayzo has become one of the most extensive providers of specialty chemical additive solutions in the United States. Mayzo’s materials are now found in an ever-growing variety of common products that consumers rely on every day.

“On this occasion, I am filled with both pride in our past and anticipation of our team’s future achievements,” said Founder and Chairman Ben Milazzo. “More than anything, I am grateful for the confidence and loyal partnership of our long-term customers. We are truly indebted to those who gave us our start and enabled us to become the global supplier of chemical additives we are today.”

Mayzo’s new President, Eduardo Padilla elaborated. “What sets Mayzo apart from the customer view is our expertise and focus on specialty chemical additives, which are a vital ingredient in any modern manufacturing process. With our diverse capabilities, we are able to supply additives without interruption even during times of shortages, and innovate better ways for our customers to use these products.”

Mayzo offers antioxidants and UV absorbers that function as stabilizers to prevent product damage due to heat, light, or oxygen exposure. Other Mayzo technologies include optical brighteners, release coatings, polymer enhancers, and cutting-edge masterbatches and blends. The Company’s newest product offering is a high-quality solvent-based phenolic resin for tape and label applications. Mayzo continues to expand its additives portfolio and invites manufacturers to inquire about other needed materials.

To meet the growing demand for additives, Mayzo recently opened an Operations Center in Walterboro, SC. At over 61,000 square feet, the facility houses an expansive warehouse, a chemical laboratory and production operations.  Mayzo now has additional capacity to provide its value-added services such as repackaging, additive blending and other customized solutions – on both a small and large scale.  The Operations Center has already achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The Company recently announced the promotions of Eduardo Padilla to the position of President and Garry Schoolcraft to Vice President of Global Operations. With these appointments, the company’s carefully devised succession plan has come to fruition. Padilla and Schoolcraft, joined by James H. Jones, Chief Financial Officer, will now manage the day-to-day business operations of Mayzo. Ben Milazzo remains as the Chairman of the Board, and Valarie Milazzo is Vice Chairman.

Since 1986, Mayzo has served successful manufacturers from large to small with specialty chemical additive products and consultation.  For more sustainable, durable, and reliable end-products, turn to Mayzo for specialty chemical additives solutions.