Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Grows Operations in Bamberg County

December 19, 2019


Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Announces Growth in 2019 

BAMBERG, S.C. – Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, the leading supplier of custom specialty parts to America’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), announced today that the company has added 16 permanent jobs and invested over $600,000 at their manufacturing facility in Bamberg, South Carolina.

“We are pleased to share that 2019 was a year of growth for our company.  As we continued to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, we invested in equipment and created new jobs to ensure that Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing will meet the demands of our growing business in 2020,” said Russell Hurst, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

“Our customers value Phoenix’s commitment to quality, service and reliability,” he added.  “Our employees helped build that reputation, so our company continues to invest in our employees and grow our workforce.  It’s one of the reasons that many of our employees have been with the company for decades, while the average tenure of our employees is 15 years.”

Family owned and operated, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing was founded in 1907 and manufactures thousands of custom parts for the aerospace, automotive, agribusiness, electrical, electronic, medical, energy and machinery and processing equipment sectors, among other industry sectors.

“This is great news for Bamberg County. On behalf of Bamberg County Council, I congratulate Phoenix Specialty for their continued success and growth in Bamberg County. Phoenix has been an important employer in Bamberg County for over 50 years and Bamberg County Council appreciates their continued commitment to our county,” said Bamberg County Council Chairman Trent Kinard.  “Bamberg County, along with SouthernCarolina Alliance, is always working hard to encourage expansions of existing businesses and recruiting new industry. I pray that 2020 will be an even better year as SouthernCarolina Alliance and Bamberg County continue to search for new industries to call Bamberg County home.” 

SouthernCarolina Alliance President Danny Black added, “Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is a company known for their commitment to excellence, and we are proud that Bamberg County has the workforce to meet the high standards required by the aerospace, automotive and advanced manufacturing industries that Phoenix supplies.  We appreciate their continued investment in our communities.  Every job that Phoenix creates will create a better future for a family in our region.” 

According to Hurst, the company is poised for growth in the New Year and anticipates new jobs and investment in 2020 as well. 

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