Rice Joins SCA Team as “All for Allendale”

December 07, 2020


SouthernCarolina Alliance Names Rice as Coordinator of Allendale County Marketing Campaign

SouthernCarolina Alliance is pleased to announce that Anne Rice of Allendale, South Carolina, has joined the SouthernCarolina Alliance team as the coordinator of the organization’s internal branding and marketing campaign, “All for Allendale.”

SouthernCarolina Alliance is the nonprofit organization that provides industrial marketing services to Allendale and 6 other counties. 

The Alliance has partnered with the SC Department of Commerce to create an internal marketing and branding campaign to assist Allendale and Bamberg Counties in building community awareness of those qualities that attract new families and new investment from businesses and industries.

“Our ‘All for Allendale’ marketing campaign captures the spirit of Allendale County’s present and future,” said Kay Maxwell, the Vice President of Marketing for SouthernCarolina Alliance. “Allendale has a proud history and a bright future created by the families and businesses that have invested in our communities.  We also have the power and responsibility to plan for and shape our future.  The ‘All for Allendale’ brand was designed to get everyone involved in that effort.”

“2020 ended up being a very unusual year, so we definitely had to pivot and determine new ways to share the good news about Allendale since people weren’t meeting face-to-face,” added Maxwell.  “During that time, we proceeded with some of the new welcome signs and began a Facebook page, but we realized that we needed a coordinator in the community who could facilitate our other plans and bring people together.

“Anne Rice has been a leader in Allendale County and the region for years,” said Maxwell. “She literally knows everyone through her many years of volunteerism and as the former director of USC Salk’s Leadership Institute.  In short, she has the ability to rally the troops.  She’s a natural fit for this project and for our organization.”

In her new role, Rice will lead the grassroots effort, working directly with community and business leaders to identify opportunities to share the positive stories of Allendale County.  She will be working with SCA as a certified Vista Volunteer.

Through the “All for Allendale” campaign, SouthernCarolina Alliance has already begun posting original videos and content about good things that people and businesses in the county are doing, even during the pandemic.  Information on these activities and these stories can be viewed at www.Facebook.com/All4Allendale. 

To share news and positive stories, you may contact Anne Rice at:  AnneRice47@icloud.com or at the SCA office at (803)903-1150.

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